Jennifer Douglas is an attractive young tenacious fashion entrepreneur who is highly suspicious and mostly sceptical about true love and believes love is only able to go so far. For her, love can only go as far as before the wedding; and so to get the best of love one must stay on the fringes of a marriage proposal.

Her philosophy is: Give him enough to make him want to propose and hold back enough to keep him from proposing – just! But when her ‘enough’ is not enough to keep her on-off long term partner, Eli Gold, from proposing to her, she is thrown into a most unfamiliar territory. She cannot give an answer, but she must.

I.T. Consultant, Eli Gold, is indeed too good to be true – kind, patient, gentle, faithful –The perfect fit for Jennifer’s stereotype – perfect before the wedding, horrible after. As much as her heart wants to, she cannot say ‘yes’ to him – not with the scar of her parent’s abruptly truncated marriage entrenched in her heart; But she cannot say ‘no’ either for fear of losing him.

Just about harassed into submission by her talkative friend, Claire Monoghan, and tempted by the seeming marital bliss of her newlywed friend, Zoe Scott-Jones, Jennifer decides to give Eli a chance, but not before testing his love for her.

She tries every trick she can find to test Eli – from ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’ movie to internet blogs, magazines – the full works! Eli passes them all. Just as she is about to give in, she stumbles into rough-edged, but handsomely-built-six-packed persistent Gordon Wilson, a gym instructor that has been trying to get her attention to no avail. He is the perfect final test for Eli!

Her final test backfires when she starts falling for Gordon’s strong advances and is soon drawn back to a rather disturbing past she had hidden from everyone else and thought she had left behind when she became a Christian but now threatens any future with Eli.

About the Producer and Director

LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH is the third feature film by Andrew Ukoko, the writer, producer and director. This follows THE ASSASSIN'S PRACTICE and LUST CONTROL.

Andrew intends to be a major influencer for Christ through the production of wholesome Christian films that serve to encourage and edify believers as well as impact the lives of non-believers with a view to helping them take that first step towards Christ.